Date: December 13th 2007

Hi, everybody! Bridget here. As if to help us prepare for the weekend, a lovely snow is falling, covering the world in a thick, soft white blanket. It's beautiful! This afternoon we'll "finalize" the song list for this weekend's shows. Tomorrow, John, Brian, and Kevin will come to the house and we'll set up our instruments around the Christmas tree and go through the list. As always, we'll tweak the list and add in or take out whatever makes sense. (Provided, of course, I can keep these guys focused on the music! This annual rehearsal is as much a chance to share stories (all hilarious!) as it is a time to practice.) By the time darkness starts to fall in late afternoon, we'll be ready for our favorite show of the year!

Did you see the (Albany, NY) Times Union today? Greg Haymes, (arts editor, legendary musician, staunch supporter of independent artists, and all around nice guy) featured Mountain Snow in his weekly column. Thanks, Greg! For those of you in Rensselaer County, Don Wilcock managed to get our mugs on the front page of the arts section! And his annual piece on Chris was sweet and beautiful - as usual!

If you haven't done so today, please stop by our website. We recently added a daily poll question to our Mtn Snow page - today's question is my favorite! (Go to and click on the Mountain Snow link on the front page.)

Is there a song you're hoping to hear this year? Email us! We're still putting the list together and will be glad to try to include your favorites!

Here's the scoop for the concerts - looking forward to seeing you!

Mountain Snow & Mistletoe
Saturday, December 15th at 8 pm and Sunday, December 16th at 2 pm
Troy Savings Bank Music Hall
Call 518 273-0038

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