Date: December 17th 2007

What a wonderful weekend! Here in the snowy northeast, an amazing turn out of holiday revelers gathered at the annual Mountain Snow and Mistletoe concerts at the Troy Music Hall. The Saturday show was jam packed with a delightful "mob" of cheerful, enthusiastic, (occasionally goofy!) folks who joined in the singing and the silliness. Sunday's show was a blast too! Including a "blast" from Mother Nature! A foot or more of snow and an additional coating of ice and sleet made for a somewhat daunting winter wonderland. In spite of the weather, the heartiest of the hearty showed up and kept the glorious Troy Music Hall ringing with music and laughter.

Our heartfelt thanks to those who came and shared their Christmas celebration with us! Our regrets to those who couldn't get to the show because of Mother Nature's "intervention." And our sincere invitation to all to come next year!

While it's all fresh in your minds, please share a "Mountain Snow Memory" with us! We get such a kick out of hearing about your experiences! (Just hit "reply"!)

Already looking forward to Mountain Snow and Mistletoe 2008. (Dec 21 and 22) Mark your calendars!

P.S. Our crack cd sales team, Chris (The Younger) Shaw and Evan (Brian's son) Melick found a wad of money on the cd table after the Sunday show. Not a lot. Less, than $20. But, clearly, someone left it there by mistake. Is it yours? We'll like to return it! (And, yes, we are bursting with pride that our boys didn't even think twice about the found money - they want it returned to the rightful owner!)

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