Date: November 18th 2010

Hi Everybody! As everyone is scrambling around ordering turkeys, getting the pumpkin pie ingredients together, checking the football schedule, and realizing all we have to be thankful for this last year,... behind the scenes the Mountain Snow and Mistletoe elves are already busy putting this year's version of the show together! We'll be back at the fabulous Egg in Albany NY at the Swyer Theater on December 11 at 8 PM, and Sunday December 12 at 2 PM with the amazing John Kirk, the legendary Kevin McKrell, and that force of nature Brian Melick, with the second decade of Mountain Snow and Mistletoe! Everyone raved about the Swyer Theater after last year's show, and who will forget Kevin getting stuck in the elevator just before showtime with all those folks from the audience!!?!?!?!?? What a way to make an entrance! Who knows what the surprises will be this year??!??! ( Remember the year John, Kevin, and Brian dressed up like elves and we all did the round, "Elves are short!") Tickets are on sale at the box office, or online at Hurry though, they're already going FAST!!!!! Don't forget to check in at the blog at for Holiday photos and updates! Somebody push the sleigh, HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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