Date: December 10th 2010

Hey Folks,

The tradition is that the Mountain Snow Orchestra, Bridget, and I have the dress rehearsal here at the house on the day before the first show, and today is no exception! I started on the French Onion Soup recipe yesterday, am headed to the store for the sandwich goodies right after I send you this! It's lunch first, then it's strictly business,... honest,... you believe me don't you? Aw ca'mon, would WE fool around at rehearsal, who are you talking about here?!?!?!?!?! No jokes, or teasing, right?!??!!?! NO FUN here, honest!?!!?! John,... get off the dinner table!!!! Kevin, you shouldn't do that to Brian!?!?!?!? Tony,... put down the cat right now!!!!!

You guys had better get your seats now, it may take me a while to rein these guys in... ; >)


Box office: 518-473-1845

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