Date: December 1st 2011

Hi Everyone!

As I sat in the living room tonight playing the songs for this year's installment of the show, I couldn't believe how it seemed to have come so quickly this year! Thank you for your emails, and kind wishes, and sharing your memories of the show over the years! Thanks to all of you who've joined us on Facebook at the "Mountain Snow and Mistletoe Page"! John Kirk is winging his way home from a tour of Central Europe and Turkey just in time for the show this year, I'm sure he'll have stories to tell!! Brian has been on the road with Cathie Ryan, the great Celtic singer, and everyone else under the sun, including our own irrepressible Celt, Kevin McKrell! All through my travels to the Adirondacks over the summer, and everywhere else, I've been looking forward to Bridget and my chance to bring the show to "the big stage with the boys" and here we go!!!

Please join us at the Egg in downtown Albany on Saturday December 10th at 8 PM, or Sunday December 11th at 2 PM for our 20th year!

Go to or the Box Office: (518) 473-1845 for tickets today!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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