Date: March 26th 2009

Hi Everybody,

What a great time at the Caffe Lena! So many faces I haven't seen in a long time together with some fresh new ones, thanks so much for coming out! The Spring brings travel to new venues, and a return to some "old friends". A week long residency at the Greenfield Center Elementary School starting April 20, (a weekend getaway for Bridget and I to celebrate our 25th ; >), a first time trip to Lake Ave. Elementary on May 14, a week long return to the Wildwood School starting the 18th, two dates on the 23rd in VT, first at the Vergennes Opera House and later hat same day way up by the Canadian border in St. Albans at the Church of the Rock Coffeehouse, back to the Adirondack Museum starting the 25th for a five day stint and then all the way down to the Wellsville Creative Arts Center for a concert on the night of the 30th!

Just received the "proof copy" of the new album with Dan Berggren and John Kirk! It sounds GREAT, I'll be posting a taste on the website real soon! We're looking for a big release concert up North this summer, more on that soon as well.

There are lots of new entries on my blog at, stuff for families to do in the 'Dacks, restaurants, activities of all kinds, and LOTS more coming soon! Other than that, we're just sitting around eating Bon Bons,... Let us know what's going on with you!

All the best,


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