Date: October 1st 2009

Hi Everybody,

Just a quick note to you all to say hi, and to let you know if you're interested in my coming to your local school to perform, there's a section of the website ( up on the header labeled Arts in Eduction. If you'll have the folks at your school click on that, they'll see the different programs that are available. This is prompted by the flurry of calls regarding 2010 where we've booked almost 20 dates for the Spring semester alone! You can always have them call here at 518-674-8282 for more information! Thanks to all of you out there that prompted all this!!!!!!!

There's a new entry at the blog at covering a cool festival in the Adirondacks, the last fly fishing trek of the year, and Len Kilian's take on fashion, (making the visit well worth it all by itself!!!) It snowed in the Adirondacks today,...can Mountain Snow and Mistletoe be far behind?

Happy Fall,


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