1. Chris Shaw and Bridget Ball - benefit for the Sand Lake Arts Center
    Sent February 9th 2012

    Hello, friends! Spent some time this afternoon playing songs we'll be sharing this Saturday evening, February 11, 2012 at the Sand Lake Arts Center! This is our hometown arts center and we are delighted to support the good people who run the center, who...

  2. A rare duo appearance by Bridget and Chris this coming weekend!
    Sent February 6th 2012

    "Back in the Day", Bridget and Chris used to perform as a duo a dozen times a year or more, nowadays,... not so much. As a matter of fact, the last time was 3 yrs. ago when they appeared at the same great venue they're appearing at this coming Saturday n...

  3. You should have been at rehearsal...
    Sent December 8th 2011

    What a great time at Mountain Snow and Mistletoe rehearsal today!!!! Great fun with old favorites,... anxious to see the reaction to some hilarious new additions, Mountain Snow is upon us!!! Ca'mon out, this is gonna be one for the books!!! Mountain Sn...

  4. Coming down to the last week before Mountain Snow and Mistletoe!
    Sent December 1st 2011

    Hi Everyone! As I sat in the living room tonight playing the songs for this year's installment of the show, I couldn't believe how it seemed to have come so quickly this year! Thank you for your emails, and kind wishes, and sharing your memories of the ...

  5. Hi everybody,... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!
    Sent November 20th 2011

    We can't believe how quickly this year is flying! Thanksgiving next week, we'll blink, and it will be Christmas!!!! In the "blink" though is this year's installment of "Mountain Snow and Mistletoe" on December 10th at 8 PM and December 11th at 2 PM at t...

  6. Mountain Snow 2011 & November 13 Flood Benefit at Indian Lake
    Sent November 4th 2011

    Hi Everyone! It's that time of year again, Mountain Snow & Mistletoe 2011 is coming fast! This year's shows are at 8 PM Saturday the 10th , and 2 PM Sunday the 11th of December. I spoke with the Executive Director of "The Egg", our buddy Peter Lesser, ...

  7. Announcement List MessageDon't miss Chris at Lena's this weekend!
    Sent March 9th 2011

    Caffe Lena Friday, March 11, 2011, 8:00 pm Saratoga Springs, NY, Caffe Lena Chris returns to his roots... 518-583-0022 for info Call 24/7 at 1-800-838-3006 for tickets ...

  8. Announcement List MessageThe final rehearsal for Mountain Snow and Mistletoe 2010
    Sent December 10th 2010

    Hey Folks, The tradition is that the Mountain Snow Orchestra, Bridget, and I have the dress rehearsal here at the house on the day before the first show, and today is no exception! I started on the French Onion Soup recipe yesterday, am headed to the st...

  9. Mountain Snow and Mistletoe!!
    Sent December 5th 2010

    Greetings! Bridget here. We had a blast today blocking out this year's Mountain Snow and Mistletoe show! We will be including some faves from years past but also adding a new touch here and there. Don't want to give away the details but be assured it ...

  10. Announcement List MessageJust a week before Mountain Snow and Mistletoe
    Sent December 3rd 2010

    Hi Everybody, Hard to believe there's only a week to go before Mountain Snow and Mistletoe, where did the year go? Either they're shortening the years, or I'm getting older. (Wonder how they're shortening the year like that... ; >) What: Mountain Sn...

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