1. Counting down to Mountain Snow and Mistletoe!
    Sent December 11th 2007

    Wheee! We are careening toward our favorite weekend of the year! Feels like we're riding on a runaway toboggan! Hope you have your tickets - if not, call 518 273-0038. For those of you who may have signed up for this mailing list thinking it was that ...

  2. Mountain Snow and Mistletoe
    Sent December 10th 2007

    Hi, all! Well, as we get ready for Mountain Snow by putting together song ideas and practicing parts, our pal David (an RPI genius) has been spiffing up our website! Please stop by and check out the fun. We've added a daily "Mountain Snow Memory" from ...

  3. Greetings from Chris Shaw and Bridget Ball!
    Sent December 3rd 2007

    Hey, there! We're gearing up for Mountain Snow and Mistletoe! (And taking our brand new email communication thing-y for a spin as well!) Lookiing forward to seeing you at the Troy Music Hall Saturday, December 15th at 8pm or Sunday, December 16th at 2 ...

  4. Announcement List Message
    Sent December 2nd 2007

    Another test message! I've rolled back the list, and I'm sending this test message to ourselves and twenty dummy e-mail accounts I set up on our own server, to see if I can't diagnose the problem. I'm thinking (and hoping) it was just a server-side glitch...


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