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    9/13/2014, 1:00 pm
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Art in Education:
One-Day Program Options

A day of Workshops

An entire day of either Colonial Life, Storytelling: It’s YOUR turn, or My day at Lumber camp.  Please refer to the workshop descriptions for time requirements.  Just one topic per day please, as they all require different equipment/clothing, but an assembly performance is always an option in place of one of the workshop slots!

Call 518-674-8282 for pricing.

The French & Indian War: Frozen in Time!

– See first hand what life was like in upstate New York in the middle 1700’s!  Chris will come to your class dressed as his relative John Shaw who fought with Roger’s Rangers during the French & Indian War.  Armed with the equipment and weaponry of the period, Chris will show the class how to start a fire with a flint and steel, tell time with a sundial compass, and introduce the technology that was required to fire a flintlock musket.  From his three cornered hat down to his Iroquois center seam moccasins Chris brings the past to life right in your classroom!  This workshop takes approximately one hour per class, 

Storytelling: It’s YOUR turn!


This workshop starts out with Chris telling one of his premier Adirondack Tall Tales that will have the class, (and probably the teachers too!) rolling in the aisles with laughter!  Then as the title implies, It’s YOUR turn, as Chris leads the class through the telling of their own “round stories”.  The round story technique has long been used to introduce young storytellers to the craft, and challenges their verbal, memory, and imaginative skills!  We guarantee you’ll be surprised at who shines during this workshop!  This workshop takes about 45 minutes per class


My day at Lumber Camp

The year is 1846, and your whole class has signed on with the Shaw Lumber Company!  Each child will choose a job as it would have been “back in the day”, and Chris will show them the antique logging tools they would have been working with back then. He’ll explain each job, and even barter with them about their “pay”!  Chris’s years as an artist in residence at the Adirondack Museum at Blue Mountain Lake enable him to transport the whole class back in time for an experience they’ll remember for a long, long time! This workshop takes about an hour per class.






Week long Songwriting Residency




This five-day residency works with two groups of 15 to 20 student writers to research and write two songs on any topic you choose, one hour per day each.  Often the subject matter is matched to the curriculum, for instance 4th graders writing on NYS or local history to match the Social Studies curriculum.  We start with prose, work that into rhyme, then Chris applies a melody and voila’, new songs are born! 


During the rest of the school day, Chris presents one of his workshops, or does mini-performances to engage the maximum number of students in the experience.  He also teaches all the students involved the choruses to both the new songs written at school, and some of his own songs as well.  Finally, on Friday, the school, parents, faculty, staff, parents, and administrators are treated to an assembly showcasing the weeks accomplishments!  This often turns into a local media event, and in the case of Lawrence Avenue Elementary School in Potsdam, NY, the songs even found their way to the White House !


Please call 518-674-8282 for pricing 


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