Darlin' Rosie

Bridget Ball

Bridget’s first recording, Duffy Rose, was named one of the Top Ten Albums of 1988 by WUMB, Boston, one of the premier folk music radio stations in the country. Her follow up recording, Mothers and Daughters, was released in 1989 to rave reviews. One critic said of Mothers and Daughters, “Obviously undertaken with care and love ... instead of making mere music, she creates pure art.” Now, all the songs on both these early recordings have been combined into one collection on a CD titled, Darlin’ Rosie. In addition to the songs from her first two recordings, Darlin’ Rosie also includes two newly recorded songs, Kate Wolf’s gorgeous “Give Yourself to Love,” sung as a duet with husband, Christopher Shaw, and Shaw–penned “The Year of ‘88.”

Across the Blue Mountains
Black Sheep
Mothers, Daughters, Wives
Just Like You
Billy Grimes, the Rover
The Housewife’s Lament
Wicked Polly
Child’s Song
Hand in Hand
The Dutchman
Flowers in the Snow
Everything Happens for the Best
Love From the Highway
Bet on a Losing Friend
Before the Storm
Gentlemen and Gentlewomen
The Year of ‘88
Give Yourself to Love

Guest artists:
Christopher Shaw
Roy Hurd
Jem Moore
Todd Nelson
Ace Parkhurst
Ray Rettig
George Schacher
Bill Staines
Ed Tourge



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